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How do I even begin to encapsulate Idris Elba? He is the epitome of a man. A ridiculous sense of humour behind his strong and stone-cold facade, and a boyish grin to compliment his aura of wisdom. Even at the age of 40, Idris rocks an amazing body. Eye candy plus ridiculously sharp wit, what more can a mod ask for? He’s perfect for any role. His acting chops are amazing enough to allow him a diverse resume. He can be the wise guru but also the charming lead. He can be bitter and angry but also happy go-lucky. Idris Elba is perfect for any type of personality.

Known for: Pacific Rim, Prometheus, Thor

Age: 38-50 (40)

Attributes: Brown hair, brown eyes, 1.90m

Gifs: [x], [x], [x]

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